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Let me tell you a little bit about myself......

My Story

I am 5'3"  and although my weight has fluctuated greatly, I have a typical hourglass figure.  At my wedding weight my measurements were 34-26-36.  I have been everything from a size 4 to 12.  No matter what, I have been curvy and the girls were always quite noticeable.


For work, I wore baggy shapeless clothing to hide my figure.  It was always more important to me to be thought of as competent, intelligent, or just about anything but sexy.  With an hourglass figure, it is hard to dress in a way that doesn't look sexy unless you wear boxy shapeless things. Even when out with friends or my husband, I have typically chosen to hide my cleavage, cover my curves.

Then, I took an online style course where one of the assignments was to take photos of yourself every day and WHOA....I looked awful.  So, I set about learning more about fashion and how to dress myself.  I was able to find all sort of information, but it was scattered and sometimes contradictory. And it was very hard to find the right clothing. 

This site is my attempt to make life easier for others like me.  Read a bit more about my story in the blog post  How did I get here?

Please spread the word!

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